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Directory of memorial hall attractions

Director-general of Memorial Hall Attractions

Service Hours:
9am-6pm every day (Closed on the eve, and  the first day of the lunar new year and electrical maintenance days)
Honor guards changing ceremony time: 9am-5pm every hour daily.
One-stop Window Tel:  (02)2725-5891
Reception Service Tel: (02)2758-8008~530
For provisional guided service, please contact the west service counter on the first floor.
Service Information: (02)2758-8008~546, 545
Operator: (02)2758-8008~15
Address: No. 505, Sec.4, Ren-ai Rd., Taipei (Zip code 11054)
Website: https://www.yatsen.gov.tw

Parking Information
  1. Qiaoan Parking Area is located at the No. 2 exit of the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall station of Taipei Rapid Transit.
  2. Two Taipei City Government Charge Parking lots (in the basement) are available nearby.
  3. Two plane parking lots are located on Guangfu S. Rd. across from the McDonald's and at  the Memorial Hall's entrance on Zhongxiao E Rd.

Regular Activities Schedule:
  1. Name of Activity: Honor Guards Changing Ceremony 
    Time: 09:00、10:00、11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00、17:00
    Demonstration: The ceremony lasts 10 minutes.

  2. Name of Activity: A Brief Film on the Founding Father Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Life Story」
    (Dr. Sun Yat-sen History Exhibition East Room on the 1st Floor) Time: 09:10、10:10、
    Demonstration: The film lasts 6 minutes.

  3. Name of Activity: A Film on Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Traces and Relics in Taiwan」
    (Dr. Sun Yat-sen History Exhibition West Room on the 1st Floor) Time: 10:00,14:00
    Demonstration: The film lasts 28 minutes.

  4. Name of Activity: Variors Exhibitions Time: 09:00-18:00
    Demonstration: Free (Except for special exhibitions)

The auditorium, the largest local indoor national-class performing venue, offers 35 rows of seats, for a total of 2,518 seats, is open to performers and performing groups such as full-fledged ballets, dramas, and musical shows, and serves as a venue for staging important festivities and large-scale awards  ceremonies.
Chungshan National Gallery
Chungshan National Gallery

The Chung Shan Art Gallery, a heavyweight art gallery at the memorial hall and also a national class art gallery, frequently extends invitations to renowned local and foreign artists to stage exhibitions. The art gallery boasts an expansive space with an optimal layout that offers an expansive view. Many precious art exhibits have lent a touch of spectacular excellence to the Chung Shan Art Gallery.
East Dr. Sun Yat-Sen History Exhibition Room Dr. Sun Yat-Sen History East Exhibition Room

The content follows Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s life over six topics: “Studying hard to save the nation”, “The distant ideal”, “Revolutionary movement”, “Father of a democratic republic”, “Carrying out his ideal', and “Dr. Sun Yat-sen of the people”, with a total of 122 rare records and pictures of his profound thoughts, revolutionary spirit, and admirable personality. For the first time, we use the digital technology of cloud computing to create high quality videos with modern-day multimedia effects in order to completely showcase each period of his life. The design concept of this exhibition comes from the flag of the Republic of China, which spreads out on top and around the room to represent the flag’s Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth and the spirit Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who fought all his life for Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. In response to the design, the floor is colored red, blue, and gray to create a powerful effect.
visit 9 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen History West Exhibition Room

After abopting the new design and updating the software and hardware, Dr. Sun Yat-sen History, West Exhibition Room is now wider, brighter, more stylish, and more refreshing in order to better serve the public. Reopened with a new topic, its exhibition, “Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Taiwan”, introduces important changes to modern Taiwan in vivid detail: Dr. Sun Yat-sen coming to Taiwan three times, the influence of the revolution on this island, and the practice of the Three People’s Principles here.
Yat-sen Gallery

Situated to the east on the memorial hall’s third floor, the exhibition venue boasts extra overhead ceilings and an expansive space, which is ideal for exhibiting large-scale works, and showcasing their majestic beauty, with a particular emphasis on local groups; thus it is often used for staging joint exhibition events for general artistic and cultural groups.

De-ming Gallery

Located to the west on the memorial hall’s third floor, this exhibition venue boasts a wave-patterned ceilings, with lighting hidden within to reflect light that is supple yet variable. The lighting of the exhibition venue, which has been  carefully designed, is ideal for featuring the characteristics of the works, and for emphasizing artists of the intermediary generation; this space is often used for staging individual exhibition events through general applications.
Tswei-heng Gallery

Located to the west on the memorial hall’s B1 floor, this exhibition venue boasts a warm, rustic, and friendly environment. Ideal for exhibiting delicate works of calligraphic carvings, and jade/stone carvings, this venue is often used for staging individual exhibition events through general applications.

Chungshan Lecture Theatre
Chungshan Lecture Theatre

Situated by the west end backdoor of the memorial hall’s ground floor facing Chung Shiao East Road,  this lecture hall has 100 seats, and is furnished with an innovative setup with comprehensive functions, it is not only used for staging lectures, hosting academic symposiums, and holding other types of social educational, artistic and cultural events, but is also open for public service organizations for the joint staging of symposiums and various educational promotional events.
Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

Located to the west on the memorial hall’s ground floor, this lecture hall boasts a 200 seat capacity and is used for staging “The weekend cultural workshop” jointly staged by the Ministry of Education Department of Education and the memorial hall. The memorial hall also collaborates with private organizations and academic institutions to jointly hold ten serial lectures, including the cancer prevention lecture, caring for our future generation lecture, and family tie awareness lecture, among others, in addition to many fantastic lectures and contests, which often captivate visitors with a satisfying felling afterward.

Yat-sen Projection Room

Yat-sen Projection Room

The projection room, located to the east end on the memorial hall’s third floor,  underwent renovation in 2003, and now boasts excellent firmware and software facilities, and seats 122.  It is used to broadcast films on a fixed schedule, mostly classic films, and some modern contemporary films, as well as rare vintage films that cannot be rented once the broadcast is over. With film broadcasting often drawing popular feedback from the general viewers, it remains one of the memorial hall’s most vibrant activities, while the projection room also serves as the venue for hosting topical lectures and as a social education promotional classrooms.

Sun Yat-sen Library

The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Library is located in the basement on the east side of this building, covering an area of 115 square meters. It has 10 seats and a collection of over 30,000 books and periodicals, with a focus on subjects such as Sun Yat-sen's academic work, social sciences, and modern and contemporary history.
In alignment with the core mission of this institution, the library aims to become a specialized research library dedicated to Sun Yat-sen studies, emphasizing a compact and focused collection. Its future goal is to serve as a vital resource center for research on Sun Yat-sen's academic contributions.
Please note that this library is exclusively for academic reference and thesis research purposes, and it does not provide facilities for self-study.
On September 12th, 2014, the library moved to the basement for renovations, gathering books from the two old spots to a slightly enlarged room renovated to be more compact and specialized according to its core function of being an important resource center and a library that specializies in Sunology.
Social Adult Program Room
Social Adult Program Room

In October 2012, we opened seven up-to-date and well equipped classrooms in B1 for lifetime learning. Three life aesthetics classes are held per year (four months each), including various topics like painting & calligraphy, photography, artistic appreciation, poetry reading, and so on, all of which are highly praised by both the teachers and students.

The souvenir center
The souvenir center


The souvenir center
The souvenir center


The souvenir center
Ice Cream Cultural Center

Souvenir Center Lake Tswei Service Center 

The service center is located between the Welcome supermarket in the eastern district, and Xinyi District in Taipei. It is rare to find such a natural environment to relax in such a high-priced, populated and prosperous land. In accordance with the planning and promotion of each activity of the memorial hall, the souvenir center, with a post-office function, was established to advocate Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s noble ideals of  “fraternity,” “the world is for all people,” and “life’s purpose is to serve”  in order to strengthen people’s admiration and respect towards Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

To expand its services, the souvenir center was renovated in December, 2004 and  formally reopened on February 24, 2005. It focuses on the collection and display of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s memorial goods and relevant educational and cultural merchandise. It also aims at “internationalization,” “localization,” “vitalization” of lifelong education,” “generalization”, “professionalization” of hardware facilities, and “practicalization” in order to combine Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s spirit and traditional culture to achieve the revitalization and prominence of Chinese culture. To make our services more accessible to the public, we established the Lake Tswei service center to provide visitors with refined meals and stages for the performances of artistic groups to enrich the experience of every visitors.

Ice Cream Cultural Center in Chung Shan Park offers sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, and beverages. (9:00~23:00) Tel: (02)23454213

caf'e 83
Caf'e 83 of Leader Restaurant is located on the second floor. Tel:(02)2723-6458


caf'e 83-1 caf'e 83-2 caf'e 83-3


caf'e 83