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What do we do for the public?

The “public service white paper” is our presentation to all citizens, showing our endeavor to enhance service quality, performance, hospitality, and trust.

Our service concept:

The National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the 100th birthday of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and was opened on May 16th, 1972, Originally under the Department of Education of Taipei City Government, it was transferred to the Ministry of Education together with Yangmingshan Chung Shan Hall as a part of its social education organizations, and was then transferred again to the Ministry of Culture on May 20th, 2012 in coordination with government reconstruction. Its currently has eight divisions: General Planning, Research and Acquisition, Exhibition Planning, Theater Management, Cultural Education Promotion, Electrical Engineering, Personnel, and Accounting.

Our object is to propagate, collect, study, and exhibit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s ideas, relics, and historical records. In addition to cordial receptions, historical displays, cultural and artistic exhibitions, performances, and educational activities, we also renew software and hardware, intensify-studies, and expand the service of cultural, artistic, and lifelong education in order to adapt to social changes throughout the years.

To promote of Sunology, the hall's staff hold the service concept of “satisfying all visitors”, the core values of “creativity, innovation, quality, and effectiveness”, the vision of “forming a  knowledge organization and high-performance team”, and the target of being more “cosmopolitan, diversified, scientific, enterprising, elaborate, and localized”. Furthermore, we work hard to upgrade our environment, provide attentive services, and achieve a balance between academic research and cultural, artistic, educational, and recreational function under the new museum management concept.

Our services:

We provide several thousand square meters of elegant exhibition spaces with up-to-date equipment,including the Auditorium (Performance Hall), Chungshan National Gallery, Yat-sen Projecting Room, Lecture Hall, Chung Shan Lecture Hall, Library, Leisure Spaces and Chung Shan Park. Except for some performances in the Auditorium and some international blockbusters, most events are free. Our sincere services include:

Leisure Spaces
Chung Shan Park is a public garden with more than  110,000 square meters, including the Xianshan Bridge on Lake Tswei, which is full of lotus flowers and willows. For the fun of field observation and the promotion of environmental protection, introductions to the plants are provided in the Northern Taiwan Native Plant Area and, the Ethno-botanical Area. People from Eastern Taipei often come to exercise and relax here. Many organizations, schools, and corporations also rent the squares to hold educational, cultural, and artistic activities.
Tour Services
We offer tour services in various languages, Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean manuals, as well as  Chinese, English, and Japanese audio tour discs.
Cultural and Artistic Performances
The Auditorium (Performance Hall) is equipped with professional lighting and sound equipment (about 2,500 seats) for important celebrations, award ceremonies, and outstanding programs by different performance groups, such as ballet, plays, concerts, etc. Furthermore, outdoor artistic activities on the main entrance corridors are held,as are occasional buskers in Chung Shan Park.
The hall offers 14 exhibition spaces, totaling approximately6,600 square meters, including Chungshan National Gallery and cultural galleries on each floor. In addition to the permanent exhibition of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, others spaces are available for art exhibitions. We hold regular tours for major exhibitions, irregular group tours, and experiential classes for important exhibitions. Furthermore, tour exhibitions of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s calligraphy pieces and other art works are held around Taiwan to enhance the cultural quality of life and promote  artistic appreciation.
On Saturdays and Sundays in the 193-seat Lecture Hall, sometimes in cooperation with civic groups and academic organizations, the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall holds lectures in 13 series such as cancer prevention, caring for the next generation, parent education, law-related education, etc. In addition to these lectures, many academic conferences or other social education, cultural, and artistic activities are often held in the well-equipped Chung Shan Lecture Hall as well.
The Sun Yat-sen Library on the 2nd floor contains collections of Sunology, modern history, theses from graduate schools of Sun Wen Theory (Three Principles of the People), and national development; books on cultural and social sciences; 40,000 magazines; three kinds of digital data-bases, and a reading room on floor B1, as well as a website with all of the above information.
Studying Room
The Studying Room has 90 seats for students to study, and volunteers help to maintain a quiet reading environment.
Lifelong Learning Classes
Every year, three lifelong learning classes (four months each) are held for adults in seven class rooms, covering the five topics of exercise, western art, eastern art, culture & literature, and artistic appreciation.
Children's Educational Activities
Recently, many children’s educational activities, have been organized, e.g. Parent-child Holiday Activities, Children's Summer Camp, Children's Winter Camp, and Caring for  Disadvantaged Children, to educate children with cheerful and creative lessons and activities. At the same time, we care and cultivate for disadvantaged children by inviting them to visit the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
Book Clubs
To promote cultural education, we select constructive topics like life & leisure, encouragement, and mind clearing to hold book clubs every month with our neighbors and anyone that enjoys reading.
Higher Education Scholarships
To attract more Sunology researchers, we support graduate schools and collect good theses of Sunology and national development with the Sunology Higher Education Award that is held every year.
Scholars from Taiwan, mainland China, and many other countries are invited to the Dr. Sun Yat-sen and National Development Seminar every year to discuss their theses. Furthermore, related forums of cultural/social sciences are held with universities and academic organizations.
Every month, 35,000 pieces of Performance News are  available in 100 areas  of Taipei and through mail application. We also publish the Sunology Research semiannually, the Journal of the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall quarterly, Dr. Sun Yat-sen and National Development Theses, irregular discs/videos of memorial activities for schools and albums/guides/manuals of exhibitions.
Official Website
The index page has news of our cultural and artistic, public welfare, and learning activities, while other pages include   Introduction, Activities, Lifelong Learning, Education, Collection, Publication, Volunteer Corner, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Library, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Academic Research Site, and Government Information. Our e-paper shows the latest news, and the AA class website is available for the visually impaired.
Suggestion Boxes
In addition to the suggestion box, we also offer the Director-general e-mail box, official suggestion e-mail box, e-mail boxes for each division, and a forum for members. Through these feedback methods, we communicate with the public and reply instantly via our administrators. The General Planning Division tracks and works on these suggestions in order to enhance our services.
Facilities for the Disabled
We have improved our facilities for the disabled, e.g. paths with handicap access on the north side of the corridors, in  Chung Shan Park, and to the Chung Shan Stone Tables; banisters for the east, west, and north stairs; disabled parking spaces in the second north parking area; wheelchairs at the east and west information centers in the main building; reserved seats in the Auditorium; elevators with audio and specially  designed floors; and reserved restrooms and phone booths.
Volunteer Recruiting
To encourage more people and students to join social service, we have Volunteer Recruiting Regulations and Volunteer Service Manuals to recruit and train volunteers. We welcome those that can speak foreign languages to work with us and keep educating our volunteers towards better service quality.
Multi-functional Information Counter
The east and west information counters provide such services as answering questions; accepting space rental applications, website (see our rents regulations), exhibition spaces rentals, tours and many other applications. E-mail applications can also be accessed through our website. Sometimes, the responsible personnel will contact applicants for further details (date, time, exhibition spaces, etc.) and move onto the subsequent procedures.
In coordination with the establishment of the National Archives Administration, we have developed the Archive Application Regulations, and restored and opened the information publicly in the archive reading room.
Other services
The hall offers many other services: the eye-catching  changing  of the hour guards ceremony, mail service of the souvenir shop, ticketing, floor B1 and Lake Tswei restaurants, bus and car parking areas near the Guangfu South Road, and a second car parking area near  Zhongxiao East Road.