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Dr. Sun Yat-sen Library

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Library Reading Room Policies

101.12.26 Regulations Passed by the Conference on Memorial Hall Affairs

1.To promote the research of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s thoughts, the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Library has specifically set up policies in order to help readers use the museum's library materials.

2.Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. (The Library will be closed on national holidays and for electrical/mechanical maintenance days; other closing hours will be announced by the memorial hall).

3. The library is open to:

(1) Citizens aged 16 or over who will need tp present their identity cards, driving licenses, student cards or working service certificates (any of them) to obtain a library card at the counter in order to enter.

When leaving the library, please return all library cards and get your identification documents back.

(2) Citizens under 16 should be led by schools or cultural-and-educational establishments. Those who may enter the library alone under special circumstances must be led by memorial hall personnel on duty, so the situation does not affect the environmental order.

4. Our books and reference materials are limited to indoor reading and copying and may not be borrowed for home use.

5. Notices

(1)The library only makes provisions for readers to refer to collections of books and information; please do not carry private books or notes.

(2) Our books and reference materials are limited to indoor use and may not be borrowed for home use. If books are found to have been removed from the library, the library will permanently cancel admission viewing rights and contact the authorities in accordance with the law.

(3) Library computer equipment should be used only for searching collections, catalogs, and databases and should not be used for electronic bulletin boards, personal e-mail, Facebook, computer games, or any other non-related activities. Each use is limited to one hour. Those who do not adhere to the librarys rules and regulations will have their viewing rights suspended for one year.

(4) No pets or dangerous goods are allowed within the library; indoor smoking, eating, sleeping, talking loudly, or using mobile phones are all prohibited. Those who do not adhere to the library's rules and regulations will have their viewing rights suspended for one year.

(5) When leaving the library, please remember to get your identification documents back; the documents are not in the custody of the library.

(6) To use the afore mentioned library references, please comply with the relevant provisions regarding copyright laws.

6. If any damage to hardware facilities, books, or  information of the library are found, such as graffiti or defacing, readers will be required to purchase the original copies within three months after having informed the library or, twice the original price should be paid as compensation. If the priceof the book is not marked, for Chinese books, the compensation price shall be based on the total number of pages; for books in other languages, the compensation price, shall be twice that of the total number of pages. Those who do not follow these regulations will have their viewing rights suspended for three years.