Director-general of the hall


Director-General : Lin Kuo-chang

Educational Background
Graduate Institute of Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Thoughts, Chinese Culture University

Deputy Director of National Dr.sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Research and Acquistition Division of National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Exhibition Planning Division of National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Chief of Cultural Education
Editor-in-chief of Dr.Sun Yat-sen

The words of Director-general

National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall affiliated to the Ministry of Culture is a cultural institute specialized in studies on Dr. Sun Yat-sen with the following functions available to the public: providing venues and chambers for cultural and artistic exhibitions and performance, promoting living aesthetics and lifelong learning, holding cultural, educational and public interest campaigns and offering open space for tourism and leisure.


The Hall with the exquisite elegant architectural style is one of the representative buildings in the history of architecture in Taiwan.


Due to the location in Taipei downtown, the Hall has the advantages as follows: handy transport, tranquil atmosphere with ample room and adequacy for important national assembly and festival campaigns often and cultural, artistic and educational activities. With the motto of Forge Ahead with Ancestral Legacy and Go Forward with Review, it is my anticipation to see all the colleagues endeavor with all efforts by all means for a promising future.


The Hall used to be the icon for acquisition of the history of the ROC, sponsoring campaigns in memory of certain figures, historic relics exhibitions, artistic performances and educational and training sessions more than 40 years due to the multidimensional characteristics and missions as a memorial hall, performance center, display venue and cultural and tourist park in the past, but the challenge in response to social changes makes us strive for sustainable development with dedication to betterment all the time. Thus, the motto is to innovate administration with betterment in services provided; moreover, it is important to endeavor for a promising future with dedication to fulfill the followings:



1. Advancing the professional image, and promoting ideology of Dr. Sun Yat-sen;


2. Enhancing the collection of historic and cultural relics, and proactive engagement in cultural creative marketing;


3. Following the cultural development policy, and acquiring the advanced capabilities of art and culture; and


4.Gaining operating profits with flexibility, and broadening the scope of the services provided to the public.