Job description of General Planning Division:

  1. Formulating the innovation and development plans.
  2. Tracking, controlling, checking and evaluating the middle and long range plans, pre-planning and important meeting resolutions.
  3. Formulating and revising the regulations; collecting, arranging, organizing, publishing and popularizing the information.
  4.  Safety management and supervision of manual workers (including maintenance staff and drivers) and security guards.
  5.  Management of documents, records, seals, accounting, general affairs, purchasing and finance.
  6. Agenda not under other divisions and offices.

Job description of
 Research and Acquisition Division:

  1. Gathering, studying, collecting, maintaining and managing Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s relics and records.
  2. Popularizing Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s history and Sunology.
  3. Collecting, maintaining and managing relics and art works.
  4. Management and reading service of Sun Yat-sen Library.
  5. Academic cooperation and exchange.
  6. Other related researches and collections.

Job description of Exhibition Planning Division:

  1. Planning and holding exhibitions of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s relics and records.
  2. Planning and holding art exhibitions.
  3. Maintaining and managing the exhibitions and facilities.
  4. Staff and volunteers training, appointment, management and evaluation.
  5. Other related exhibition projects.

Job description of Theater Management Division:

  1. Scheduling annual performance plans.
  2. Live stage management and audience service.
  3. Maintaining, managing and operating the stage machinery, lighting and sound effects.
  4. Planning and carrying out the performances.
  5. Other related theater management.

 Job description of Extension Service Division: 

  1. Publicity and image advertising.
  2. Receiving and arranging tour services for foreign guests.
  3. Communication, interaction and cooperation with other organizations.
  4. Planning and managing lifetime learning and related facilities.
  5. Managing and performing activities in the Chung Shan Park.
  6. 6Management and maintenance of Chung Shan Park landscape design and green areas.
  7. Other related promotions and services.

 Job description of Electrical Engineering Division:

  1. Planning, purchasing, supervising and evaluating the construction projects.
  2. Electrical machinery and air conditioner maintenance and technique support for the Auditorium.
  3. Maintaining and managing the electrical machinery of Chung Shan Park.
  4. Planning, maintaining and managing the electrical machinery, air conditioner, fire control, water supply, piping and telecommunications.
  5. Digital services and management.
  6. Controlling, planning and performing the saving of energy, water and electricity.
  7. Other technical and electrical management.

The Personnel Office is in charge of the personnel management.

The Accounting Office is in charge of the annual schedule, accounting and statistics.