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Q11. Where can I get details of dates and events in the Chungshan Park?

For information about events in the Chungshan Park, please check http://sun.yatsen.gov.tw, look into the Programme published monthly by the Memorial Hall, or call +886-2-2758-8008 ext. 546.
Q12.Where can I get the dates and subjects of the exhibitions?

For information about exhibitions, please check website http://sun.yatsen.gov.tw , look into the Programme published monthly by the Memorial Hall, or call +886-2-2758-8008 ext. 554,542.
Q13.Will I be allowed to enter the Auditorium after performance begins?

After the performance begins, audiences are allowed to enter the Auditorium only by the entrance on the fourth floor.
Q14.Can I take picture or use tape recorder or video recorder for performance in the Auditorium?

To protect the copyright of performers, no picture taking, filming, or recording are allowed during the performance without prior approval.
Q15.May I go onto the stage for flower presentation after the performance?

Q16.Are children allowed to see the performance in the Auditorium?

Children below 110cm is not permitted to the Auditorium, except for children programs.
Q17.Do you offer food and drink?

There is cafe 83 cafeteria of Memorial Hall offered dining on the second floor. Snacks and ice cream are offered in the Lake Tswei Service Center.
Q18.Is there any introduction brochure of the Memorial Hall?

Yes. Introduction brochures of the Memorial Hall are published in Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Korean. They are available at the reception center. The Website also carries Chinese and English versions.
Q19.Do you have library service?

There are Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on the second floor and Children Reading Room on the basement. The books and magazines in these libraries are placed on open shelves, however borrowing of any book or data is not permitted.
Q20.How to apply for touring Memorial Hall by school?

Please directly apply on Memorial Hall's website (on One-stop Window) or download the application form to fax number 02-87807568.
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