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“2022 Affection for the Earth — Lo Cheng-hsien Ink Painting Exhibition” Wander the New Sphere of Contemporary Landscape Painting

The opening ceremony of “2022 Affection for the Earth-Lo Cheng-hsien Ink Painting Exhibition,” organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Ministry of Culture, was held today (Jan. 22). The exhibition starting from today will last until April 5 at Chungshan National Gallery. The selected 85 ink painting works created from 1968 to 2022 cover Lo’s creative context and history over the past half century. His deep understanding of wandering the nature is finally turned into the new sphere of contemporary landscape painting broadly and carefully depicted with brushes.

     Political Deputy Minister of Culture, Hsiao Tsung-huang, specially attended the ceremony on behalf of Minister Lee Yung-te. Minister Lee mentioned that Prof. Lo’s ink painting absorbs the innovative thinking and skills of western painting, creates the personal unique ink style, and plays a significant role in the development of contemporary ink art in Taiwan. This time, the ink painting exhibition, “Affection for the Earth” is Prof. Lo’s deep understanding of his wandering the nature. It is believed that the public will feel his love and feelings for the land and his freedom and joy in the world of ink art.

     Director-general of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Wang Lan-sheng, said Prof. Lo Cheng-hsien participated in the important co-painting of large works for several times, including “Taiwan Scenery” and “Landscape of Formosa,” and reviewed Prof. Lo’s life from spending childhood in poverty, receiving assistance from benefactors, to becoming an outstanding master. It is impressive that he, as a teacher, actively cultivates talents with the special emphasis on the teaching of sketching. Prof. Lo visited Huangshan for 10 times and Taroko for more than 30 times. This exhibition completely presents and integrates the personal skills and feelings into the Taiwanese and foreign landscape, showing the large-area freehand and magnificent painting style. It is worth a visit.

     In his speech, Prof. Lo expressed the special gratitude to his teachers from elementary school to senior high school and looked back on his connection with landscape for years. The great changes in the nature have always been his creative fountain. The exhibition is held with four series topics, “Formosa Attractions,” “Foreign Attractions,” “Brush Trace, Ink Shadow” and “New Sphere of Art.” The academic conference, “2022 Affection for the Earth-The Development of Modern Ink Painting in Taiwan and Lo Cheng-hsien’s Ink Creation and Educational Thoughts” will also be held. Welcome to attend the event.

     Prof. Lo Cheng-hsien was born in Yunlin, Taiwan, in 1946. He was taught by the famous teachers from China such as Mr. Fu Chuan-fu when studying in National Taiwan Academy of Arts (today’s National Taiwan University of Arts) and went for further studies in the US. He won the first place in National Art Exhibition, Sun Yat-sen Culture and Arts Award, and the special award of National Culture and Arts Award. Besides the calligraphy and painting creation, art education is Prof. Lo’s life career. He has been dedicated to the teaching of ink art for over half century. The award for the special achievement and contribution in the five dimensions of education, “The Pride of Yunlin” awarded by Yunlin County Government, Outstanding Senior Teacher Award by Ministry of Education, and Honorary Professor of NTUA are all his well-deserved honors.

     Ministry of Culture has been promoting the reconstruction of the history of fine arts in Taiwan. We are glad that Prof. Lo holds a solo exhibition at Chungshan National Gallery invited by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The exhibition includes his creative career for more than 50 years, from which we can have a glimpse of how an outstanding creator goes through his life, experiences the transition in the learning process, and finally creates the broad and exquisite new sphere of contemporary landscape painting. Welcome the public to visit the exhibition.