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National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall as Venue of “2023 Nuit Blanche Taipei”

    “2023 Nuit Blanche Taipei” will be held at “National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,” “Taipei City Council,” and “Taipei City Hall” and the surrounding areas in Xinyi District from 6PM of October 7 to 6AM of October 8. With the art action code, 3, 6, 9, Nuit Blanche will lead the citizens to a vari-ety of cultural experiences. At the three major venues as the core combined with the six major themes, the public will delve into the issues of different perspectives and visit the art creations of different styles to explore the nine highlights. In response to this event, the first floor of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will be open until 12AM of October 7. We invite everyone to enjoy the great art feast together.

     From 7:30PM of October 7, on the steps of the front entrance of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memori-al Hall, the Brazilian researcher, Néle Azevedom, will present the “Minimum Monument Project-Little Iceman Art Action,” inviting the public to place 3,000 icemen together. The art action dis-played in the limited time will show concern for the environmental issue of global warming at the same time. The melting icemen reveal the threat of the rising global temperature human beings are encountered with and make everyone directly realize the future situation we have to face together.

     The changing of the honor guards on the hour has always been the attraction loved by the public. On the evening of October 7, it will not be the tri-service honor guards that lead everyone to pay tribute to Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Instead, Taipei First Girl Honor Guard Alumni Team will give the splen-did performance of “The Flow of Night, the Flip of Honor Guard.” Taipei First Girl Honor Guard Alumni Team is a special team, and the age gap between the members is more than 40 years old. The exhibition drill performance on Nuit Blanche will break the frame of gender and hall space. It is the first time for a female honor guard team to perform at the central hall on the first floor of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. There will be three drill performances on the night, respectively at the central hall at 10PM, on the main entrance steps at 10:45PM, and on the north side of Reflecting Pool after the team marches down the steps and joins the crowd at 11:30PM.

     The project of “Lake Art Safari” is in the surrounding area of Lake Tswei. The curating team, Pon Ding, invites 13 groups of artists to plan an art settlement that will only last for one night. Through a variety of installations and performances under the concept of “Unbuyable, Come Exchange,” it ex-plores what people truly desire to understand in their hearts. There will be the issues of dreams, wa-ter resources, self-reflection, good and evil, economic animal rights, redefinition of public space, and body assertion. At the one-night art settlement, everyone is equal. The creators provide their sites and views, inviting the public to take a stroll around the lake and find the opportunities of interac-tion and communication.

     There is also an outdoor cinema on the express lane of Ren'ai Rd. At the couch cinema in the tree shades, the viewers will recollect the classics, cries, sacrifices, and rebellions in youth and see the pulses of the city and changes of the society with the passage of years. Estee Lauder is specially invited to provide crispy popcorns for this night so that the participants will have the double enjoyment of sight and taste at the express-lane cinema.