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Works of the 8th Chungshan Youth Art Awards Take the Lead National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall’s Continuous Commitment to Art Promotion

      “2023 CHUNG-SHAN YOUTH ART AWARDS|The EXHIBITION” organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of Ministry of Culture will be grandly held at Bo-ai Gallery of the hall from November 11 to December 20, exhibiting a total of 49 winning works (13 works of ink painting, 24 works of calligraphy, 12 works of oil painting). The awards and opening ceremony was held at 10:30AM on November 25.

      The competition of “Chungshan Youth Art Awards” has been held for eight years to encourage the creative development of the young artists aged from 20 to 45. The works are divided into three groups: ink painting, calligraphy, and oil painting. The 37 winners are selected after the preliminary and secondary reviews, including 13 works of ink painting, 12 works of calligraphy, and 12 works of oil painting. The Chungshan Award winners are Zeng Ting-yu of the ink painting group, Ye Zong-he of the calligraphy group, and Liao Min-ru of the oil painting group. Each winner will be given NT$300,000 and one trophy. At the same time, they can apply to hold solo exhibitions at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall excepted from review. The second place and third place of each group will respectively win NT$100,000 and NT$50,000. Each group has 5 honorable mention award winners, and each of them is given NT$10,000. There are 13 winners of the judges’ award, and each will win NT$5,000. The total prize is NT$1,565,000.

      Director-general Wang Lan-sheng of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall said this year is the 8th year of Chungshan Youth Art Awards. Since National Youth Students Painting and Calligraphy Competition starting in 1973, the hall has always been committed to art promotion, and Chungshan Youth Art Awards has been a platform for art creators in Taiwan. He would like to express gratitude to Taiwan Art Gallery Association for the long-term support, forming an iron triangle of cooperation with creators and the hall, leaving beautiful works for Taiwanese art, and promoting them to the society and art market through art fairs. It is noteworthy that the winners of Chungshan Youth Art Awards are not all art majors. Talented people from all walks of life have the opportunity to win awards with characteristic works. This competition provides all young men who love art creation with the most accessible opportunity to participate.

      Prof. Su Feng-nan, the jury representative of the ink painting group, congratulated all winners and expressed gratitude to National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall for continuing holding the competition. The competition sets the age between 20 and 45, which is the period when art creators are most motivated and explosive. To win an award at this age is quite meaningful to their creative career. He also encouraged the young artists who love art to keep creating and trying.

      Associate Prof. Lin Chun-chen, the jury representative of the calligraphy group and the first winner of Chungshan Award for calligraphy, said calligraphy is an art that requires long-term immersion to be proficient. It is also a comprehensive presentation of culture, temperament, and artistic intention. He encouraged the young calligraphy lovers who attempt to participate in the competition to realize the goal of engaging in calligraphy art as soon as possible. Those who continue to make improvement and conquer themselves will stand out one day.

     Prof. Su Hsien-fa, the jury representative of the oil painting group, said Chungshan Youth Art Awards, formerly known as “National Youth Students Painting and Calligraphy Competition,” has been held for almost half century. Many currently active artists became famous through this competition. From only giving trophies in early years to providing high prizes in recent years, it encourages more young people to engage in creation. Young artists are also motivated by the platform to keep working hard; therefore, Chungshan Youth Art Awards plays a significant role in fine arts competitions in Taiwan. This year, the oil painting group still has the fiercest competition among all groups. The works have their unique features and advantages. He also expected all winners to make persistent efforts and achieve better results next year.

     National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall’s “Chungshan Youth Art Awards” is the art award with the highest added value. The other incentives include: Besides the exhibition at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the winning and selected works will also be displayed at the traveling exhibitions of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Kinmen County and the Museum of Fine Arts of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hualien County next year (2024). Furthermore, the winners of the Chung-Shan Award will continue to join the Art Expo through the collaboration between the hall and Taiwan Art Gallery Association. All these are to encourage the young artists to continue to create artworks.

     For more information, please visit the official website of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,, or call the service counter, (02) 2758-8008, ext. 545, 546.