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Upcoming Auditorium Renovation Expected to Improve Service Efficiency of Art and Cultural Facilities

     To provide better facilities and environment, the renovation project of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of Ministry of Culture will start after the Lunar New Year. Half a century has passed since the opening of the hall in 1972. It has witnessed the swearing-in ceremonies of President Chiang Ching-kuo and President Lee Teng-hui, held the awards ceremonies of Golden Horse Awards, Golden Bell Awards, and Golden Melody Awards, and provided the services of art and culture, tourism, and recreation for the public for years. All these have become the shared memories of all citizens. After half a century, some of the facilities have become outdated and outfit to use. The renovation project was launched in 2016. At present, the international high-quality exhibition space and the renovation of Chungshan Cultural Park have been completed. Next, “The Auditorium and Surrounding Facilities Upgrade Project” will start at the end of February this year.

     “Chungshan Cultural Park Renovation Project,” which was completed in October, 2023, includes the Sanzhangli Branch Nostalgic Walkway and Central Plaza. Besides returning to the original design of Architect Wang Da-hong, it also expands area of tree shades and lawns and reinforces the plaza pavement. The Reflecting Pool that has been completed recently highlights the architectural beauty of the hall more. After renovation, Chungshan Cultural Park provides the public with the comfortable outdoor space.

     “The Auditorium and Surrounding Facilities Upgrade Project” launched this year (2024) will mainly focus on the Auditorium and its surrounding space and facilities. Besides improving the service quality of the facilities and strengthening the existing functions, the stage, backstage, auditorium, air-conditioning system, equipment, and surrounding facilities will be upgraded. The overall reinforcement of the service functions of software and hardware is expected to achieve the goals of “improving equipment efficiency and enhancing public safety and sustainability,” meet the needs of art and cultural development, and expand the theater utilization efficiency.


     “The Auditorium and Surrounding Facilities Upgrade Project” is expected to last from 2024 to the end of 2026. The renovation and upgrade will involve the replacement of electro-mechanical and air-conditioning systems. In order to facilitate the renovation, the hall will be closed from February 26, 2024. Chungshan Cultural Park will remain open to the public. There are still great exhibitions before the hall closes, including “Island.Memory—Depicting Taiwan 50 Years" 2023 National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Collection Exhibition” and “Male Parenting Photography Exhibition,” or-organized with Taiwan Women’s Center. Through the photography exhibition, a series of daily life photos of fathers and children are displayed to make everyone pay more attention to the division of care responsibility in family and eliminate the stereotype of the roles men and women play in family in the traditional cultural norms. The above exhibitions will last until February 25, 2024.

     During the renovation, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will continue to provide various high-quality art and cultural services, including traveling exhibitions of the hall collection, Chungshan Youth Art Awards, academic conferences on Sunology and national development, guided tours to Taiwanese characteristic architecture, and activities related to Sunology research. The well-recognized life aesthetics classes will also be moved to Dongfang High School of Industry and Commerce to continue to provide citizens with the services of art and cultural learning.

     National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is experiencing the critical moment of transformation. The innovative model of online exhibitions will be used in the future to break the limitation of time and space of a physical museum. More exciting and interesting outdoor cultural events will be launched such as art fairs, art and cultural performances, cultural experiences, art tours, and eco tours. Welcome to join us and experience the different style of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.