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Celebration of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday Anniversary Pass Love and Happiness Forward

     In honor of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s 154th birthday anniversary, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall specially hosted a series of abundant and splendid events in November with the theme of “Diversity, Prosperity, and Love.” There are fifteen major categories, including academic learning, music, performing arts, sharing & charity, competition, exhibition, and memorial salutation. After the performance of the marching band, honor guard, and color guard of Taipei First Girls High School and the aboriginal dancing club of Hsin Sheng Junior College of Medical Care and Management on November 2, the four events “Birthday Celebration: Tribute to Dr. Sun Yat-sen,” “Sun Yat-sen Thinking and International Changes Seminar,” “Splendid Taiwan Concert” by National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, and “Embrace Books: Artists’ Book Signing and Giving Event” were also held grandly on November 12. Today (Nov. 16) the hall grandly presents the Minnan cultural and creative dancing performance by Meei-Chih Lin Dance Academy and the Luntan opera by Hanyang Beiguan Troupe from Yilan to show the spirit of fraternity “full of energy and love.” The public are invited to join the performance together not only to feel the happiness and warmth but also to pass the love forward.

     The hall sticks to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s spirit of “fraternity” and “the world equally shared by all” and the director-general Liang Yung-fei’s five working beliefs, “professionalism, friendliness, energy, innovation, and heritage” to commemorate Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s contribution, thinking, and deeds and to promote the event axis of “Fraternity, Equality, Diversity, and Integration.” In his speech for Meei-Chih Lin Dance Academy’s performance today (Nov.16), Director-general Liang Yung-fei first said that this is the first time for National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to present the performance of creative ballet and diverse dance at the main hall. The troupe went on the performing tour and joined the international art festivals in Europe for several times, won two championships in The 2018 Minnan Folk & Creative Dance Competition, and served as the demonstration group in the Minnan cultural competition in 2019. It is special that a group of lively and lovely children performed the cultural charm unique in Taiwan through the contemporary Minnan creative dance.

     Later on, besides specially introducing that the troupe used to win the 19th National Award for Arts and be granted the titles of “The 1st Important Traditional Art Preservation Groups” and “The 2nd Important Traditional Art Preservation Groups” of the intangible cultural heritage preservation by Ministry of Culture, Director-general Liang also mentioned that the hall has been designated as the historic site of the city. He expects to “make the historic site talk.” Therefore, besides providing the service of the little volunteer guides and the professional guided tour, he also expects that the bands or troupes with the Taiwanese tradition and characteristics will come to perform in the historic site to exert the friendly spirit of “letting the historic site talk.”

     There are still two energetic and innovative outdoor music feasts for the series events of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday anniversary in November. On November 27, the teachers and students from Department of Music, Juang Jing Vocational High School, will perform at the outdoor concert with passion and energy. On November 30, the second outdoor concert specially invites the most famous cellist Zhang Zheng-jie to give the performance. The two splendid concerts are worth expecting. The hall invites everyone to participate together and make National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall a land of happiness that passes love and happy memories forward.