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Light up Children’s Future with Outstanding Art Performance “The 6th Andrew Charity Association Children Charity Exhibition” at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

The charity exhibition “Light up Children’s Future,” organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Ministry of Culture, and Andrew Charity Association will be grandly held at Wen-hua Gallery and Culture Corridor(2F) of the hall from December 5 to 22. The opening and award-giving ceremony was held at 3:30PM today (Dec. 4). Former Secretary-general of National Security Council, Kao Hua-chu, and his wife attended as the distinguished guests to give the awards. The anchor of Focus Global News, Georgina Fang, served as the emcee again. It is the 6th year of the academic competition organized by Andrew Charity Association. Despite the impact of COVID-19, the students’ works this year are of even better quality and quantity. After the professional discussion, the judges have selected the outstanding and splendid works from the 1,473 submissions in total.

     Deputy Director-general Yang Tong-hui first welcomed the distinguished guests on behalf of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. She said the winning works of lively colors are full of childish fun and splendor. The children observe the world and present what they see forthright and sincerely in the works. The style is fully different from the sophisticated and deep works of Chungshan Youth Art Awards exhibited at the hall now. During the pandemic, the social welfare institutions and the disadvantaged groups in remote townships face more difficulties. However, goodness is the best weapon to fight against the pandemic. The exhibition also makes an appeal to everyone to do more good things and give warmth in cold winter. In the future, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will also continue to support the art creation of children and teenagers.

     Chairman of Andrew Charity Association, Chang Deh-ming, said the association helped children by means of the food bank at the beginning. At present, the goal is to assist with children’s comprehensive development in both body and mind. The association started to hold the academic competition six years ago to increase children’s spiritual contentment, bring the society the positive and bright ideal, encourage children to face the challenges in life actively, and affect the society with the power of goodness and sincerity at the same time. Chairman Chang also cited from the book of EQ founder, Daniel Ricciardo, that the rarest resource in the society is “focus.” He expressed his gratitude to the young volunteers of the association for their long dedication to the association as the focused dedication is very precious.

     The charity exhibition featuring “Light up Children’s Future” expects to discover the children with talents and potentials through the academic competition and encourage them to continue creation so as not to waste their talents because of difficulties from the environment. At the same time, despite the serious impact of COVID-19, the 108 outstanding creative works of the charity exhibition will convey the children’s innocence, goodness, and rich vitality and creativity. Despite the challenges and difficulties, we will never give up hopes and light up the future together.

     Zhong, who has won the award for the third time, is the child cared for by the association for long. Her father is sick in bed for long, and her weak mother has to work hard to support the family. Every bit of life turns into her creative nutrients. With the food box and scholarships provided by Andrew Charity Association, she and her sister can keep receiving education and win the honor of the academic competition, which encourages her to persist in the way toward art creation. She expects to engage in painting education in the future by opening a painting studio to help more children with art creation. The exhibition is great and meaningful. Welcome to witness the splendid world in these young children’s mind together.