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Director-general of the hall


Director-General : Liang Yung-fei 

Inherit the Past and Usher in the Future:
Professionalism, Amiability, Vitality, Innovation, and heritage

    Every step leaves a trace in life. I’ve learned calligraphy since little. For me, calligraphy is how I explore life. Creation can nourish my life and soul. With the birth of my eighth calligraphic creation, Boundless Art of Calligraphy, I just want to share and promote the development of calligraphy in Taiwan, leave the asset of calligraphy for Taiwan, and do my share with my ability for the land of Taiwan. I was born to a farmer’s family, but I was lucky to have the chance to learn calligraphy and lay the solid foundation during the school years. Besides expressing my gratitude to my parents for their hard work to cultivate me, I am also grateful to many colleagues for their support and to the supervisors for their instruction and promotion during my career of public service. A child from a farmer’s family at Gaoshu Township, Pintung County, can become the Director-general of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. I cherish this chance very much and will do my duty well with the active and optimistic attitude in developing the outstanding team to lead everyone to build a better future for the hall.
    National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a happy garden and a sanctuary for art and culture. In the past forty something years, in the architectural lexicon shaped by the architect, Wang Da-hong, it has become the cultural landscape of the country, solemn, simple, friendly, and energetic. In terms of the art and cultural promotion, Dr. Sun Yat-sen studies, performing arts, visual arts, and public service are well accepted and supported by the society. In the face of the rapid-changing new world, it is the goal for us to endeavor to achieve how to get hold of the trend, make good use of the resources, and transform successfully to make innovations for the hall.
    It is a rare and fortunate chance to encounter everyone at this time and space in the universe. I expect that we will understand each other and cherish the chance to get along with each other. Here I’d like to encourage everyone with the five working beiefs, “Professionalism,” “amiability,” “Vitality,” “innovation,” and “heritage.”
I. Professionalism: With profession, one can gain respect and affirmation! The enhancement of profession comes from the personal consciousness, reflection, progress, and learning. I will actively encourage and expect every working partner to be a “good learner” actively acquiring the professional knowledge and to change the inertial thinking through the implementation of TQM(Total Quality Management) and PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Act). As the concept changes, the world will change as well. Let’s build an “outstanding learning team” of the “professional conversation.”
II. Amiability: Amiability can win the public trust! The public are always our customers. We should do every service well with the “customer-oriented” working attitude and upgrade the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) so that the ideal of “care for the family, benevolence for the people, and love for the world” can be achieved. Besides, to accomplish the service goal of “Honor the aged of other family as we honor our own; care the children of other family as we care our own,” we will work hard to build the friendly team “making people feel the warmth and touched.”
III. Vitality: Vitality brings efficiency, youth, and vitality! The length of the hall history and the age of the colleagues do not matter. As long as every colleague shows his vitality in service and listens to the young people’s voice more in planning the jobs, the young people’s participation will bring more vitality. Therefore, we will create the vitality for the organization together through the various interactions on social media.
IV. Innovation: Innovation can create everything. Without innovation, we can’t survive in the competitive time. What’s more, we need to make progress with the time and even be the precursor by daring to break the “existing rules,” reflecting on our belief and bias in time, and creating the new thinking. We have to make innovations in activity planning, in marketing strategies, in resource integration, and even in cooperation with the same industry and different industries. Then we can bring the endless vitality and energy to build an innovative team “breaking the barriers” and breaking the framework.”
V. heritage: heritage is a mission and a required deed to cherish history! We will treasure Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s thoughts and documents and the precious assets left by the art, cultural, calligraphy, and painting societies. Furthermore, heritage and innovation complement each other. We will make use of the precious assets to do the educational promotion, exhibition research, and value-added application well. By conducting the public affairs of the hall through teamwork, we will leave the valuable cultural assets for Taiwan.

    Among the five beliefs mentioned above, “Professionalism, friendliness, vitality, innovation, and heritage,” the first three follow the spirit of “fraternity.” Innovation is to “usher in the future” as heritage is to “inherit the past.” The overall belief sticks to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s thinking, “the world equally shared by all.” Both the colleagues and the customers are the ones I will serve. I expect that we will form the best organization culture, getting rid of the thinking that “long ease leads to inertia and wealth leads to deterioration,” taking the challenges, and creating the beautiful future for National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall together.