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The Epidemic Prevention Famous Artists Invitation Exhibition: “Inspire People’s Hearts with Great Love from Art”

  The Epidemic Prevention Famous Artists Invitation Exhibition, “Inspire People’s Hearts with Great Love from Art,” organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yi Jia Media Ltd. and Big Media Today, are grandly held at Wen-hua Gallery and Culture Corridor 2F from August 20 to 29. The opening ceremony was held at 2PM today (August 21). The works of hundred famous artists are exhibited, including the diverse and rich art works such as calligraphy, ink, photography, and ceramics.

  Senior Specialist of Department of Arts Development, Ministry of Culture, Liu Mei-zhi, paid tribute to the artists first and admired their warm and comforting works soothing people’s hearts. She said during the epidemic Ministry of Culture has actively assisted art groups through the different programs and projects so that the artists can keep creating new works and the art circle will keep developing without losing talents.

  Director-general of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Wang Lan-sheng, said the domestic museums as well as Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall have been closed since the rise of epidemic cases. He expressed his gratitude to Big Media Today for the planning of the art and cultural event, which shows concern for Taiwan through the artists’ works and sends the positive messages to the public and hoped everyone to continue to support Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in the future.

  In his speech, the famous calligrapher, Prof. Chang Bing-huang, mentioned the special meaning that the participating artists create these works carefully with the theme of the epidemic prevention. He wished for the early end to the epidemic in Taiwan through his calligraphy work, which writes: “It is a lifelong regret to be unable to appreciate the mysterious fog and rain of Mount Lu and the magnificent waves of Qiantang River. However, there is no surprise when you finally witness the scenes and find that the fog and rain of Mount Lu and the magnificent waves of Qiantang River are just what they are.”

 During the epidemic, Chairman of Big Media Today, Xin Peng-xiang, gathers the elites from the different fields including calligraphy, painting, photography, ceramics, medical care, and congress to give tribute to the heroes fighting against the epidemic, plans the exhibition by collecting the art works soothing people’s heart, and finally presents it perfectly in front of the public. The participating artists make the impromptu and focused creation and extension with the spirit of epidemic prevention to highlight the positive energy of art to inspire people’s heart. It is an elevated mission of the art and cultural circle and a precious joint exhibition where the famous artists’ works of epidemic prevention are gathered together.

 The exhibition “Inspire People’s Hearts with Great Love from Art” records the social phenomenon during the three months of the outbreak of COVID-19 and presents the strong will power of people to join hands to fight against the epidemic and cheer for Taiwan. More than hundred splendid art works of the exhibition closely connect the social pulsation and give a comprehensive lift to the epidemic prevention in Taiwan. We sincerely invite the art lovers to visit the exhibition. For more information, please visit the website of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall www.yatsen.gov.tw, or call the service counter, (02) 27588008, ext. 545, 546.