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Q31.Do you have free information publications for exhibitions?

There are three exhibitions, including Chungshan National Gallery, Yat-sen Gallery, De-ming Gallery offering free brochure to introducing display.
Q32.Where can I learn more about Dr. Sun Yat-sen?

Please visit http://sun.yatsen.gov.tw , or call +886-2-2758-8008 ext. 526.
Q33.Can I enjoy roller-blading in the Park?

There are no special areas for roller-blading. For safety reasons, roller-blading is prohibited.
Q34.Can I ride a bicycle in the Park?

The park is generally for pedestrian recreation. For safety reasons, please do not ride bicycle in the park.
Q35.Can I fly kite in the Park?

The Memorial Hall is within an aviation safety zone. For aviation safety, please do not fly kite.
Q36.What should I do if I lost things in the Hall?

Please call 02-27578008 ext 603 for Security Unit of the Memorial Hall to check first.
Q37.Who designed the Memorial Hall? What are its dimensions?

The Memorial Hall was designed by renowned architect Mr. Wang Ta-hong, and the total building area covers 29,464 square meters on an open space of 115,000 square meters.
Q38.Who did the bronze statute of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the main hall? What are its dimensions?

The bronze statute of Dr. Sun Yat-sen was sculpted by Prof. Chen Yi-fan.
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