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“2023 Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition” The Largest Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition after the Pandemic

“Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition,” organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of Ministry of Culture, will be grandly held at Bo-ai Gallery, Wen-hua Gallery, and Culture Corridors 1F and 2F from today to April 16. The opening ceremony was held today (April 8). The distinguished guests attending the ceremony included Director Hsiao Tsung-huang of National Palace Museum, Director Lin Chiu-fan of Graduate Institute of Museum Studies of Fu Jen Catholic University, Chairman Liao Shiou-ping of Paris Foundation of Art, Vice Chairman Saito Takeshi of Shinkouzou Japan, Director Harumi Sonoyama of Japan Print Association, the founding Chairman Jian Si-guei and the present Chairman Lin Fu-chuan of The Association of Taiwan Artist Today, Chairman Wu Lung-rung of Tai-Yang Art Association, Chairman Yang Yung-fu of The Oil Painting Association of R.O.C., Art Director Chung You-hui of International Printmaking Center of National Taiwan Normal University, and Deputy Director Yang Tong-hui of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

     “Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition” is co-organized by The Association of Taiwan Artist Today and Shinkouzou Japan. Besides 32 members of The Association of Taiwan Artist Today, 18 professors of the fine arts departments of the colleges and universities in Taiwan and contemporary art painters and 36 members of Ten Youths Printmaking Society are specially invited to exhibit their works. The Japanese artists include 34 members of Shinkouzou Japan and 17 members of Japan Print Association and print artists. A total of 137 artists participate in the exhibition. Besides the large-sized oil painting of the Taiwanese and Japanese artists, there are also 140 innovative works including prints, ink paintings, Hagoita, fabrics, portraits, and mixed media exhibited. This is both a deep creative exchange between Taiwan and Japan and a visual art feast.

     Deputy Director Yang Tong-hui of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall said it is a great honor to assist the two historic art associations, The Association of Taiwan Artist Today and Shinkouzou Japan, in holding “2023 Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition.” National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall has actively promoted the international art exchanges these years and has organized three international exchange exhibitions this year. Each exhibition is successful and splendid. It is hoped that there will be more art exchanges between Taiwan and Japan in the future.

     Director Hsiao Tsung-huang of National Palace Museum said Taiwan and Japan have always had close art exchanges. Under the influence of COVID-19 in recent three years, there have been fewer opportunities for exchanges. This exhibition is the largest Taiwan-Japan art exchange exhibition after the pandemic. The rich creative power and diversity from the participating artists are shown in the numbers and sizes of works. The exhibition is worth a visit.

     Vice Chairman Saito Takeshi of Shinkouzou Japan said in his speech that “Kouzou,” founded in 1926, was transformed into “Shinkouzou” in 1936. The 95th exhibition will be held this December. Shinkouzou is a group without restriction to fixed styles and with free expression of works. Inheriting the founding spirit, the association continues to hold the comprehensive exhibitions including the five categories of painting, print, sculpture, craft, and photography. The connection between Shinkouzou and Taiwan started with Sato Takezo, Kouzu Kojin, Goto Yasuhiko, Uchida Masao, and Ho Te-lai, especially Mr. Ho, who was born in Taiwan and dedicated himself to Shinkouzou as the management committee member in guiding the next generation.

     “A Retrospective Exhibition of Taiwanese Senior Painter Ho Te-lai in Japan” was held at Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo in February, 2018. In June of the same year, Mr. Ho’s achievement exhibition was also held together with the 90th memorial exhibition of Shinkouzou at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. At the Shinkouzou exhibition in June, 2019, with the assistance of Mr. Liao Shiou-ping, the Taiwanese painters, Lin Chang-hu and Huang Shu-ching, were invited to deepen the exchange. In Mr. Ho’s hometown, Hsinchu City, in December, 2019, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu City organized “Ho Te-lai and Shinkouzou Japan Exhibition,” where the works of Mr. Ho and more than 30 members of Shinkouzou and Taiwanese artists were displayed. It is the honor of the members of Shinkouzou Japan to interact with the Taiwanese artists again through this exchange exhibition. It is hoped to benefit the Taiwan-Japan exchange in the future.

     Chairman Lin Fu-chuan said in his speech that “The Association of Taiwan Artist Today,” which has been established for more than sixty years, and “Shinkouzou Japan,” which has entered the 97th year, are both the influential art groups with long history. Both of them follow the art spirit of freedom, independence, purity, and innovation and promote contemporary art and aesthetic education for all. In view of the successfully exchange experience four years ago, Prof. Liao Shiou-ping, as “the father of modern print in Taiwan” and the honorary chairman of the association at the same time, contributes greatly to this Taiwan-Japan art exchange exhibition. Besides Shinkouzou Japan, the famous artists of Japan Print Association are also invited to participate. It is expected to provide the public with the opportunity to have a glimpse of the works of the Japanese art groups and contribute to the art and cultural exchange between Taiwan and Japan.

     Inheriting Mr. Li Shih-chiao’s art ideal, “The Association of Taiwan Artist Today” was established at Li Shih-chiao’s painting studio in 1959. The association has evolved into a group of painters with the creative experiences in Taiwan, France, American, Japan, Germany, and Australia, famous for the free, realistic, and progressive painting style.

     “Shinkouzou Japan” was established in 1936. Its predecessor “Kouzou” featured sculpture as a private association against official exhibitions. The connection between Shinkouzou and Taiwan can be traced back to the visit of the Japanese artists, Sato Takezo and Kouzu Kojin, to Taiwan to do travel sketching and hold exhibitions. Mr. Ho Te-lai, the senior painter in Hsinchu, studied in Tokyo Fine Arts School in early years and became an official member by participating in the exhibition of Shinkouzou in 1942. He served in the association for as long as 28 years. In 2019, with the joint effort of Honorary Chairman Liao Shiou-ping of The Association of Taiwan Artist Today, Chairman Nakatani Tokio of Shinkouzou, and Hsinchu City Government, “Ho Te-lai and Shinkouzou Japan Exhibition” was organized by Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu City to open the art exchange between Taiwan and Japan.

    “2023 Taiwan-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition” will be held until April 16. Welcome to visit the exhibition. For more information, please visit the official website of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,, or call the service counter, (02)27588008, ext.545, 546.