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Endless Vitality of Lake Tswei Ecology to be Cherished by All Citizens

     After Director-general of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Liang Yung-fei, assumed office last September, he has actively put the environmental and ecological protection into practice. In the past year, the ecology of the memorial hall has undergone a huge transformation. In July, the common moorhen living in Lake Tswei bred six babies. In August, two young birds of the white-breasted water hens and five common moorhen babies were born, which brought the visiting citizens great joy. The arrival of the new lives indicates that the environment of Chungshan Park, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, is so friendly that the species can find their habitats and extend their life.

    Director-general, Liang Yung-fei, has observed that Chungshan Park is the rare green space in the city. If we want to observe fauna and flora in life, we have to keep the ecological balance of the green space. Therefore, he has taken a series of major measures to improve Lake Tswei and Chungshan Park. First, clean the silting deposit of Lake Tswei to make the water clearer and successfully attract many birds such as muller’s barbets, herons, night herons, common moorhen, and little egrets to stay and live. Second, to represent the rich ecological environment, we have actively grown a variety of aquatic plants such as umbrella sedge, water arum, and water lilies. Besides bringing greenness to the park and beautifying the environment, the public will better feel the diverse ecology and art aesthetics. With the birth of baby common moorhens this July, Director-general Liang has realized that the children of the next generation will need to cultivate the ecology literacy and concern for life. The concept of ecological protection should take roots. Therefore, he invited the children from the preschool of Guangfu Elementary School to join the eco-tour guided by the staff of the memorial hall. It is hoped that the concept of loving life will be passed down to the next generation and the children’s concern and cohesion for environmental protection will be increased at the same time when they understand more about the habits of the animals and plants.

     Director-general Liang said National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall has endeavored to build the favorable ecological environment of Lake Tswei in recent years and it is an inspiring thing to find the achievement. It is the first time that we find the white-breasted water hens breed the new generation as the mysterious animals always on the alert are difficult to spot. They can often be sounded in the countryside but rarely in the city. The crisp chirping of the white-breasted water hens can be heard at Lake Tswei, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, which sounds quite intimate. Besides, the white-breasted water hens laid four eggs, three of which were hatched. But one of the young birds was attacked by the natural enemy and two birds survived. It is expected that the two babies can grow up with their mother’s care and everyone’s protection. There is another joyful thing. The two families of common moorhens raise five babies together. The breeding place is about one or two meters away from the shore, so it can be clearly observed. The mother bird works hard to find food for the babies. We hope the citizens to cherish the scene of family harmony and touching family love by watching their growth quietly, neither frightening or feeding them, and giving them a friendly living space.

       Ecology develops in the interaction between species and environment. As human beings have greater power than other species, we should shoulder the responsibility to conserve the natural environment and protect the earth and life in the most effective way so that life will exist and persist. In the future, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will also continue to promote the concept of ecological protection and build the sustainable environment for ecology. The practical action of environmental protection will create a more beautiful life space for the next generation.