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“The 85th Tai Yang Art Special Exhibition” A Highlight of the Creative Vitality of the People

     “The 85th Tai Yang Art Special Exhibition” will be held at Bo-ai Gallery, Wen-hua Gallery, and Culture Corridors 1F and 2F of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Ministry of Culture, from April 20 to May 3. The 194 exhibited works in the six categories of oil painting, glue painting, ink painting, sculpture, watercolor, and print includes 78 works of the members, 8 works of the supporters, 5 works of the preparatory members, and 103 publicly solicited works. The opening and awarding ceremony was held at 10:30 AM today (April 23).

     Tai-Yang Art Association is the fine arts group with the longest history in Taiwan. The exhibition is the 85th joint exhibition since its establishment in 1934. The association was founded by the Taiwanese painters, Chen Cheng-po, Liao Chi-chun, Chen Ching-fen, Yen Shui-long, Li Mei-shu, Yang San-lang, and Li Shih-chiao. The establishment ceremony was held at Railway Hotel, Formosa, on November 12, 1934. The first art exhibition was held at Taiwan Education Association Building (today’s National 228 Memorial Museum) in May, 1935. In 1990, approved and registered by Ministry of the Interior, it was officially named “Republic of China Tai-Yang Art Association.” Mr. Yang San-lang was elected as the first chairman, Mr. Wu Long-rong the secretary-general, and Mr. Yen Shui-long the executive supervisor. With the passage of time, the association has been established for 88 years. The art exhibition is held every year except the years of 1945, 1946, and 1947, when the exhibitions had to be cancelled due to the emergencies during the war. It is the largest civilian group of fine arts with the longest history.

     On behalf of Minister of Culture, Lee Yung-te, Director-general Wang Lan-sheng of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall said in his speech that Tai-Yang Art Association is the civilian group of fine arts with the longest history. Founded on November 12, 1934, it has a deep connection with the hall because the day is also Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday. It’s the hall’s honor that Tai-Yang Art Association has held exhibitions here for a long time. This year, the exhibition is expanded to the exhibition rooms on the first and second floor. National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall shows the greatest sincerity to assist with the exhibition even though the exhibition space is not large enough to display all works. This is also the most important exhibition in spring in memory of the tradition of echoing with the official art exhibition in autumn when Tai-Yang Art Exhibition was first held, fully showing the creative vitality of the people. It’s an honor for National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to keep holding the exhibition and supporting the association.

     Chairman Wu Long-rong of Tai-Yang Art Association first expressed his gratitude to the members and art lovers who still gave their support during the harsh pandemic. Tai-Yang Art Association was founded in 1934. During the same period of time, there were 159 groups established. However, only Tai-Yang Art Association continues to hold events until now. The main purpose of the exhibition is to promote the young artists and encourage them to keep creating new works. Those who want to learn more about the history of fine arts in Taiwan can grasp the major idea through the development of Tai-Yang Art Association.  The exhibition has the rich content and diverse exhibits. However, there are still nearly 50 works from Taichung and the southern cities unable to be displayed at the exhibition space on the first and second floor of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. They will be exhibited at the traveling exhibition in Taichung. Welcome to visit the exhibition. It is expected that the exhibition will refine the viewers’ aesthetics and upgrade their life quality.

     The purpose of Tai-Yang Art Association is to raise the aesthetic literacy of the people in Taiwan. The process of member selection is strict. At present, there are only 78 official members. To become a member, one has to win awards at competitions before being recommended as a preparatory member. A preparatory member has to hold several solo exhibitions in five years, pass the examination, and then become an official member.

    Welcome art lovers and community leaders from all walks of life to visit the exhibition. For more information, please call the service counter at (02)27588008, ext. 545, 546 or visit the official website of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,