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“Life Force: Harnessing Pure Energy in Calligraphy and Tai Chi A Liao Chen-Hsiang 95th Year Retrospective Art Exhibition”Grandly Takes Place at Chungshan National Gallery from Today

   “Life Force: Harnessing Pure Energy in Calligraphy and Tai Chi A Liao Chen-Hsiang 95th Year Retrospective Art Exhibition” organized by National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will take place at Chungshan National Gallery of the hall from January 30 to March 14. The opening ceremony was held at 2:30PM today (January 30). Mr. Liao’s calligraphy works from 1960 to 2020 will be exhibited at the exhibition, which is divided into four areas depending on the writing contents: Tai Chi in Calligraphy, Imitation Writing, Self-Composed Poems, and Four Scripts. There are an array of works including 128 calligraphy works, 13 relics, and several seals.

   Director-general of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Wang Lan-sheng, said Mr. Liao Chen-hsiang identified with Yu You-ren and Zheng Man-qing in the early years and integrated the thinking and spirit of Tai Chi’s “strength in gentleness” and Taoism’s “nothing done, nothing left undone” in his calligraphy. These are related to a man’s mind and cultivation. Paying equal attention to both will refine the art of calligraphy. Mr. Liao keeps the generous life attitude and treats people with sincerity. With numerous students, he embodies the spirit of “life force of honesty.” From Mr. Liao’s works, we will understand that writing lies in flexibility so that there will be the vivid charm. On the main exhibition wall, the left is “Dragon,” and the right is “Tiger.” The spirit of dragon and tiger penetrates the paper and displays the energy of Tai Chi in calligraphy. Visiting the exhibition full of essence, energy, and spirit will surely calm your mind and bring longevity.

   The exhibition is titled “Life Force: Harnessing Pure Energy in Calligraphy and Tai Chi.” Mr. Liao follows the motto of “the life force of honesty,” which is also his ultimate mental cultivation in both calligraphy and Tai Chi. “Harnessing pure energy in calligraphy and Tai Chi” is the manifestation of his ultimate achievement in both calligraphy and Tai Chi. With three keys, Mr. Liao develops his calligraphy style: 1. Focus on the uses of brushes; 2. Practice Tai Chi spirit in calligraphy and realize Tai Chi through calligraphy; 3. Follow the origins of calligraphy.

   Mr. Liao Chen-hsiang was born in the Japanese-colonial period. He started to learn calligraphy with the Japanese teacher, Akita Shinmitsu, when studying in Taipei Commercial School. Afterwards, he learned calligraphy with the founder of Danlu Calligraphy Society, Cao Qiu-pu, and learned Tai Chi with Zheng Man-qing. Integrating Tai Chi with calligraphy, he can be regarded as the only calligrapher with the extremely high achievement in both arts of calligraphy and Tai Chi. In 1957, Mr. Liao organized “Taiwan Province Keelung City Calligraphy Association” together with the seniors including Lin Yao-xi, Lin Cheng-zhi, and Li Pu-tong. It is the first calligraphy society established after the restoration of Taiwan. “The First Sino-Japanese Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition” was held the next year, which was the first to start the international calligraphy exchange. Afterwards, he initiated to establish “Chinese Calligraphy Society,” “Taiwan Province Pen Calligraphy Association,” and “Chinese Standard Cursive Script Society,” sparing no efforts to revitalize Taiwanese calligraphy and enhance international exchanges. He established the calligraphy classroom at his house by the name of “Hsiang Men” in 1974 and has taught calligraphy for as long as 46 years.

   National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall will hold the lecture “When Roots Established, the Way Grows: Liao Chen-hsiang’s Calligraphy Level” at Chungshan Lecture Hall at 2PM on February 6. Welcome the calligraphy art lovers to join us. For more information, please visit the official website of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,, or call the service counter (02) 27588008, ext.545, 546.